Ceramic Fillings in Houston

Ceramic Fillings in Houston

Ceramic fillings are a popular dental procedure. They can be used in several different ways, but they are commonly used to treat dental cavities. Most people will have received at least one filling by the time they reach adulthood. If you or a loved one has become affected with tooth decay, visit New Teeth Dental Solutions to receive quality ceramic fillings in Houston.

What are Ceramic Fillings?

Dental fillings, in general, are placed by removing the decayed areas from the teeth and placing the filling to replace the lost tooth matter. Fillings can be made from several materials, such as amalgam or porcelain. Ceramic fillings are made of pure silicate technology that can be colored to match the shade of the surrounding teeth. This creates a more natural-looking restoration. When you visit us at New Teeth Dental Solutions for a ceramic filling in Houston, you can have confidence that you will receive a high-quality filling in a comfortable procedure.

How are Fillings Placed?

Your dentist will first prepare the affected tooth by removing the decayed areas. A local anesthetic will be applied to make sure that you remain comfortable during the procedure. Once the tooth has been prepared, the ceramic filling material will be applied in layers. This will help to strengthen the filling. A special light will be used with each layer to harden it before the next layer is applied. After all the layers have been applied, your dentist will remove the excess material and shave down the filling to fit with the bite of your teeth and the neighboring teeth. The tooth will be ready to use again after the anesthetic wears off.

Benefits of Using Ceramic Fillings

In addition to the aesthetic benefit of ceramic fillings, the material also creates a strong restoration that can be used like natural teeth. It is also fairly stain-resistant and helps to insulate the tooth from temperature changes, preventing tooth sensitivity.

Whether you are in need of a ceramic filling to treat a cavity or make cosmetic changes to a tooth, you will be able to get the results you want at New Teeth Dental Solutions in Houston.

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