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At New Teeth Dental Solutions, we offer a suite of dental options that are built around your entire family. The variety of options that we offer makes it possible to keep everyone’s teeth in pristine condition!

Our oral health experts provide everything including cleanings, education, fillings, x-rays, orthodontic screenings, and more to help maintain your oral health.

Keep reading to understand more about the quality services that you can expect when you visit our office.

Dental Services For Every Age Group

We are proud to offer our dental services to every age group. Our targeted care addresses all of your dental needs, no matter how big or small:

Children’s teeth are growing and their mouths are changing every day. We provide fluorides and BPA-free sealants that help to prevent cavities. Our office also provides orthodontic screenings which are vital to determining whether you will need braces in the future.

It is recommended that all children receive an orthodontic screening before they turn seven, and our office is happy to offer them. During an orthodontic screening, we use tools to examine tooth growth and the facial structure of your child. The screening is not diagnostic in nature but can pinpoint potential areas that can cause a problem in the future.

By the time that your kids are teenagers, their oral health habits have changed, and they might not be as willing to take care of their teeth as they were before. We will provide you with education on best practices on how to get them back to having good hygiene habits.

This is also the age when most of your teen’s adult teeth have grown in, meaning that any of the orthodontic issues that we have previously identified can now be addressed.

We offer cosmetic, restorative, and general dental services for all adults. Regardless of whether you have a chipped tooth, want whiter teeth, or just need a cleaning, you’ll find a solution here.

Our Excellent Patient Experience

We know that one of our patient’s greatest concerns when they think about going to the dentist is the unknown. This can cause some anxiety and even dread. Will the procedure hurt? Is it going to be uncomfortable? Are the dentists going to use some weird or scary tool?

These fears are understandable. Our dentists know that the thought of visiting the office can be intimidating, and we are here to help bolster your confidence.

Here is what we will do when you come in to make your experience as pleasant as possible:

  • We will partner with you to provide you with an oral health experience: Our approach to dentistry is centered around the philosophy that every mouth is unique and deserves special attention. Because of this, our dentists will collaborate with you so that we make the best decision for your oral health together.
  • Education is an important part of every visit: Our dentists don’t just care for your teeth and send you on your way. We will also teach you how to care for your teeth and maintain a vibrant smile during all of your daily activities. Good oral hygiene habits are essential for maintaining a healthy smile.
  • We provide a comfortable and relaxing environment: Dentists make some people nervous. We understand that and take special care to make our office as comfortable as possible. Our patients are heard and treated with compassion. You are a member of our family, and we want you to feel at home with us.

We know that receiving quality service is a huge consideration when choosing which dentist to visit. We are here to help transform your smile because we want to make sure that you are getting the most out of your teeth every day.

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