Why You Should Not Use Mail Order AlignersHouston, TX

Straight teeth don’t just help you look better, they also set your oral health for future success. If you want the benefits of aligned teeth you are going to want the cheapest option that offers you the best results.

Many companies recognize this and have sought to exploit this opportunity to their advantage. There are now hundreds of products available on the market that can be harmful to your health. When you purchase an oral product not recommended by a dentist, it can be dangerous.

The Dangers Of Mail-Order Aligners

Mail-order aligners may look convenient due to their cost, but they can do a lot more harm than good. Consider the fact that thousands of customers have filed complaints with The Better Business Bureau. Here are the reasons why consumers need to be careful:

  • No checkups or consultations: Not everyone meets the conditions needed for orthodontic treatment with aligners, but the mail-order companies won’t assess your situation beforehand. Certain things like severe overbites, impacted teeth, or severely crowded teeth may require different solutions. Getting a professional consultation prior to ordering aligners is important for your oral health.
  • The impressions are faulty or inaccurate: Invisalign aligners are created using highly accurate digital impressions of your teeth done by a dentist. Mail-order companies typically require you to take your own teeth impressions with dental putty. This is a tricky process that is very easy to make mistakes with. Planning your treatment around incorrect impressions to start with can make your alignment problem worse.
  • No follow-up appointments: All mouths are unique and require an individual treatment plan. When you pay for Invisalign aligners, your treatment includes monitored care from dental professionals. You’ll come in for periodic assessments so that we can make sure that your treatment is progressing according to schedule and make adjustments if needed. The same thing cannot be said about using mail-order aligners.

Though the mail-order option may seem appealing because of the cost and seeming convenience of doing it yourself, the risk it poses to your teeth is not worth it. With all of the problems mentioned above, there’s no guarantee that you’re getting the right treatment, and there’s a chance that you’ll end up paying more long term if you damage your teeth.

When it comes to your orthodontic care, you want to know you’re getting the best service for the best price. Don’t sacrifice your teeth in favor of your wallet.

Professional Care From Dentists You Trust

When you pay for an Invisalign treatment, you aren’t just buying the technology, you are purchasing the expertise and supervision that comes with it. Orthodontics is a medical specialty, meaning that it’s critical that the right people are protecting the smile you’ve worked hard for.

Our dental experts are trained to ensure that you get the quality patient care you expect while aligning your teeth. This is a careful process that requires professional administration. 

If you need your car fixed, you don’t trust just anyone to fix it; you would take it to a mechanic. This is why The American Dental Association (ADA) says that anyone that is looking to undergo orthodontic treatment should hire a trained dental professional. Here at New Teeth Dental Solutions, you’ll get the professional dental treatment you need to get the straight smile you’ll love.

A Safe & Proven Method For Straightening Teeth

At New Teeth Dental Solutions, we use Invisalign clear braces because it is the most trusted technology for aligning patients’ teeth. The Invisalign system is safe, practical, and has the proper science to back it up. We offer a free assessment when you come into our office so that we can decide together if the Invisalign is the right solution for your situation.

What are you waiting for? Call today and schedule your no-obligation appointment.

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