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Your gums support the healthy functioning of your teeth and we want to make sure that they are in the best shape possible.

Untreated gum disease can be devastating to your overall oral health. Built up plaque eventually turns into tartar which then turns into infected and damaged gums. To avoid this and a myriad of other dental health problems there is a good chance that you will need the help of our trained experts.

In order to do this we offer solutions that are centered around the latest science and dental technology, such as scaling and root planing. Together, these treatments make up a deep cleaning process that is designed to clear out the infection and restore the health of your gums.

Scaling & Root Planing Explained

If you have periodontal disease and we determine that a deep cleaning is in order, we might recommend scaling and root planing. This procedure has consistently been proven to be highly effective in cleaning out the infection caused by gum disease.

Here are the steps we will follow for scaling and root planing:

  • On the day of the procedure we will start by relaxing you so that you won’t feel anything during the treatment. We want to make sure that you feel nice and comfortable while we give you your new smile.
  • Once your mouth is numb, our dentist will clean out the periodontal pockets using specialized tools that are designed to thoroughly remove the buildup of plaque and tartar.
  • Using the same tool, we smooth out the uneven surfaces on the root of your teeth to help your gums reattach. This will also make it more difficult for bacteria to accumulate here in the future.
  • Based on how extensive your gum disease is, your deep cleaning might require multiple appointments so that each of your periodontal pockets can receive the necessary attention that they deserve.
  • We will schedule a follow-up appointment after the cleaning is done so that we can make sure that everything worked the way that it was intended to. Dr. Elliot will use his probe to measure the depth of the pockets and check to see that they are reduced.

It is highly unlikely that you will have any adverse side-effects after your scaling and root planing treatment, and there is no recovery process other than your mouth being slightly sensitive for the next few days.

Before leaving our office we will also educate you on the best way to maintain the results of your deep cleaning. Our dentists are confident that you can maintain a healthy smile by following our instructions and by doing your part. Are you ready for a bright smile and healthy future?

Benefits Of Scaling & Root Planing

By getting rid of advanced periodontal disease you will save yourself from tooth and bone loss. You will be able to chew without pain, smile without inflamed gums, and have the confidence of knowing that your oral health is in pristine standing.

Caring For Your Oral Health After Treatment

The reason that you have always been told to brush and floss your teeth is because these oral health habits play a vital role in ensuring that you don’t develop an advanced stage of periodontal disease.

We want you to feel empowered that you can make a difference in your overall oral health!

Call Our Office To Take Action Against Gum Disease

Have you been suffering from periodontal disease? Our office can perform a scaling and root planing that can make your smile happy and healthy again.

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