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If you were to talk to your aunt and tell her that you needed to get a root canal it wouldn’t be surprising if she reacted with alarm. We don’t blame her — root canals have been consistently referenced in pop culture as something that is painful and scary.

This is just not true.

Root canals are a procedure designed to save your teeth, and with the advent of modern dental technology, they are incredibly pain-free. A lot of the scare surrounding root canals is because of the unknown. Hopefully, we can answer some of your questions today, and calm your nerves about root canals.

What Is A Root Canal Infection?

We’re glad you asked. As plaque builds up on your teeth they become susceptible to cavities. Over time, these cavities can take an extensive toll on your oral health. They will continue to damage your teeth, eroding your enamel and creating an infection of the pulp inside of your tooth that is incredibly painful.

A root canal infection can also be caused by teeth that are broken or cracked. Due to the damage, the pulp of these teeth is exposed, and their risk of infection increases. We will need to act fast to save your tooth and minimize your pain.

Root Canal Procedure

We always want to make sure that you are getting the right care. Before we can begin a root canal, we need to determine if it is necessary. We will assess the offending tooth to determine whether it’s infected.

If your tooth is infected, and the level of infection meets the criteria necessary to warrant a procedure, we will schedule an appointment.

During a root canal procedure, we will eliminate the infection inside of your tooth. Here’s a little look at what will happen when you visit us for a root canal:

  • We will begin by using medication to completely numb your mouth. Before proceeding we will make sure that you are comfortably relaxed so that you don’t feel pain.
  • Next, we will create a small hole in your tooth and clean the inside of it using a file. This will remove the bacteria that is causing the pain and get rid of the infection.
  • Finally, we will fill your tooth to seal it off to prevent further infection from occurring. Then we’ll send you on your way with a prescription and instructions for aftercare.

A root canal is very quick and nothing to be scared of.

What To Expect After Your Root Canal

As described above, during a root canal procedure the infected root of your tooth will be removed. The function of your tooth root is to stimulate and nourish your tooth. Without the root intact, the integrity of your tooth will become compromised over time. Your tooth might require a crown to help strengthen it and keep it from cracking or breaking in the future.

A dental crown is a protective cover that goes over your tooth and stops damage from happening while you are chewing or brushing. Our office outfits our patients with dental crowns and we would be happy to answer any questions that you have about this procedure.

Schedule Your Appointment

If you are experiencing severe pain in a tooth, a section of teeth, or your jaw, you might have a root canal infection that is making your life miserable. Call our office today to schedule an appointment.

We will take away the pain so that your life can get back to normal. If the pain comes on sharply and suddenly, or if you just can’t stand it anymore, feel free to call us anytime, day or night. We are here for you when emergencies happen.

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